Bathroom Remodeling on a Budget: Planning Ahead for a Smooth Process

bathroom remodeling ChicagoA bathroom plays a significant role in a home hence the need to plan ahead if you want to have it renovated. Luckily though, there are ways to prepare for this major remodeling task. I say major because a bathroom, despite its size, require thorough planning before renovation.

Nowadays, there are so many choices for plumbing fixtures and appliances and we don’t want you max out your budget and breaking your timeline even before you finish the renovation! With careful planning, you will have the bathroom of your dreams in less time and budget!

Allocate a Budget – When it comes to remodeling of any part, list everything that you need and allocate a budget for this. It is also a must to have an additional budget of at least 20% for contingencies. In any work, issues will arise whether we like it or not, so to avoid halting the renovation in the middle of the project, might as well prepare for this. You can keep unused money if the allocated budget was enough.

Find a Temporary Place to Stay – This is when you’re renovating your ONLY bathroom. Not an issue if you have another one to use. It is best to live elsewhere in the duration of the whole project.

Shop Online and Offline / Do Your Research – One of the best parts of a renovation is shopping for plumbing appliances and fixtures! The rule of thumb here is to stick to your theme and budget, and don’t go overboard! Browse around Pinterest for ideas to make it easier for you.

Hire the Best People – This is the most important task: finding the right people to do the task or several task. Unless you want to do everything on your own which we don’t suggest, it is best to rely on feedback and recommendations in choosing your architect, designer and plumbing expert. These people normally charge professional fees but paying them is still way, way better than hiring someone without any license and or certifications. When looking for the perfect hires, start with recommendations from family and friends.

One tip, ask your chosen contractor for a more accurate estimate and do not sign anything until you’ve thoroughly read the contract. With projects such as this, it is best to choose ones from reliable firms for credibility. Do not sign anything if you don’t feel comfortable with the person. Remember they will be working inside your home for a few days or weeks so it is imperative that you trust them. Trust your gut feel.

It is also important to include the project duration on your contract, the important papers you need to secure from the city office, and overall project timeline.

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Posted on: July 26, 2016