Money-saving Bathroom Remodeling Tips for Boston Homeowners

bathroom remodeling BostonEvery homeowner has their dream bathroom in mind. Some prefer having a traditional bathroom, some want one with a modern vibe, while others want a combination of the two or other styles.

If you still haven’t achieved your dream bathroom yet, what is it that keeps you from having the bathroom that you want? If you are on a budget, know that a bathroom makeover in Boston doesn’t have to be expensive. There are some ways you can redesign your bathroom without breaking the bank. Here are a few:

  • Do it yourself

To save on home improvement projects, most homeowners take tasks on themselves. Done correctly, DIY remodeling could be a good way to save money. You just need to make sure never to do dangerous work or any tasks that you ca

  • Repaint

Repainting your bathroom is an inexpensive and effective way to remodel your bathroom. You may want to invest in a mildew-resistant paint to keep your bathroom mold-free for years.

  • Improve lighting

Another great way to give your bathroom a new look and feel is to improve the lighting. It can be just a small change, but you will be impressed with how much difference it will make.

  • Use less expensive tiles

If you think you should shop around for new tiles, choose cheaper ones. If you want, you can add some luxury tiles as accents.

  • Add decorative accessories

Jazz up the look of your bathroom by adding affordable features into your powder room such as a stylish mirror, medicine cabinet, and towel bars. Make sure to choose accessories that will match the entire look you want to achieve for your bathroom.

  • Replace outdated fixtures with WaterSense labeled models

bathroom remodeling BostonWhile this may mean that you need to spend more money than you planned, using water-efficient fixtures will help you save on your water bill in the long run. New fixtures can also add new aesthetic appeal and functionality to your old bathroom.

  • Add budget-friendly storage containers

Adding more storage especially if you have a small bathroom can make a big impact in your bathroom’s look. Bring out your inner craftiness and make some DIY storage boxes for your bathroom.

Follow these tips, and you can update the look and feel of your outdated bathroom without breaking the bank. On top of the tips mentioned above, the best budget-friendly bathroom remodeling tip we could give you is to invest in a professional remodel. Hiring the pros to handle the job for you can cost you money, but the convenience and peace of mind it could provide right after and in the future will definitely be worth the money.

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Posted on: April 24, 2017