Ideas For Budget Bathroom Remodeling in Aurora, Illinois

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When it comes to home improvement expenses, bathroom makeovers come second to kitchen remodeling projects.  Homeowners who go through bathroom remodeling in Aurora tend to spend more than what they need to, often on designer faucets and trendy layouts. Make sure to read this article first before you start ripping out everything and turn all bathroom plumbing fixtures upside down. We have compiled a few tips to help you with your budget bathroom remodeling project in your Aurora, IL home.

Replace old tiles and apply fresh paint

Re-tiling is typically an easy project but would definitely cost you a bit more. If you’re on a budget, try looking for a good quality tile paint that gives a porcelain finish once dry.  However, make sure to thoroughly clean the tiles before painting to remove existing dust and grease. 

Over time, bathroom walls become worn-out because of moisture and mildew inside the bathroom. Give it a new look by coating it with fresh paint.  Go for light colored paint if you want to have your bathroom looking bigger. Also, take into consideration the existing bathroom fixtures when you choose your paint color.

Make the most out of every nook

A small bathroom can be a big challenge to the budget-conscious homeowner. Mirrors are a cheap way to reflect light and give the illusion of space. Choose cabinets that have mirrored doors. 

Update some plumbing fixtures

Replacing old faucets with new ones can give your bathroom a newer, modern look. Old bathtubs can be re-enameled which is definitely a cheaper option than replacing the whole unit. If you have a vintage bathroom and would prefer to keep it that way, you can still update the fixtures a bit by adding a few accessories.

Wisely choose your countertops

It is possible to have granite countertops installed even on a budget. How? Choose colors that are not too popular, meaning other colors except beige and brown. Also, granite countertops that have minimal imperfections are sold at an extremely lower price. You’re lucky if you can hide the imperfection under the sink or faucet.

Clean Tile Grout

This is the simplest and most doable of all these tips. With just simple cleaning and freshening of the tile grout and caulk, your bathroom can have an upgraded look!

Try buying used plumbing fixtures

Scour the neighborhood and even the Internet for good finds. You’ll be surprised to see used taps and even showers. You can also look for upcycled bathroom accessories that can give your bathroom a quirky vibe.

Whether you decide to do a full bathroom remodel or just change a few fixtures here and there, it would still be best to hire a licensed Illinois plumber to do the job. All you have to do is call us at (855) – 484-3911 to be connected with the most reliable plumbers in your location.  

Posted on: July 10, 2017