Are You Looking For A Bathroom Remodel Cost Calculator?

bathroom-remodel-cost-calculator“How much is my remodel going to cost?” That’s just one of the most frequently asked questions of homeowners before taking on a bathroom remodeling project. Not surprising at all, isn’t it? Times are hard and we all want to ensure that we have a budget to spend before renovating our bathroom — or the entire house for that matter. With that being said, we want to give you a sneak peak of what such a project entails. Here are some facts and figures you should know!

According to research done by Home Advisor, the average reported cost of bathroom remodels is $9,285 based on a respondent population of 10,253 people. It was also discovered that most of these respondents or homeowners spent between $5,644 to $12,944 dollars to give their bathrooms a makeover. Not only that, the highest reported cost amounted to $20,000 while the lowest figure reported was $2,800. But take note! This is only based on the data collected by Home Advisor from their members.

So you might still ask, “What about a ballpark figure?” Actually, we can’t provide you that. Why? It’s because there are many factors that influence the cost of a bathroom renovation project. These include:

1. Location

Plumber fees vary across locations. With that being said, you should adjust your budget accordingly to ensure that it will cover the fees that your plumber will charge. In the United States, the reported average cost of hiring a plumber ranges from $169 to $434. This is, again, data collected by Home Advisor.

2. Labor

Speaking of plumber fees, you should not forget that plumbers either charge by the hour or by a fixed rate. Now when charging by the hour, remember that the more difficult the plumbing job is, the higher the plumber fee will be.  List all the things that you’ll want to be done in your bathroom and get a quote from your plumber. That should help you set a budget for your project.

3. Size Of The Bathroom

The size of your bathroom is also important in estimating the cost of a remodel. In fact, it plays a big role in determining the cost of a remodeling project. For example, research indicates that the average cost of renovating an 8 x 5 bathroom is $7500. But then again, the final cost is still dependent on what you want to do with your toilet and bath. If you don’t want to spend too much, you can just choose to upgrade your fixtures and just shell out about $1000 in the end.

4. Plumbing Line Changes

If you are planning to have your fixtures moved from one spot to another, chances are, your plumbing lines will also be moved. For instance, changing the installation area of your toilet will require that the drain pipe is also transferred to the new spot. Tasks like this will result to a higher project cost.

5. Materials and Supplies

Materials and supplies also influence the cost of a bathroom remodel. If you’ll choose high-end materials or upgrade to expensive fixtures, then you’ll definitely end up a big spender. If you’re on a budget, consider choosing equally beautiful or aesthetically pleasant materials and fixtures that complement the theme of your bathroom. For example, instead of choosing expensive stones for your bathroom walls, why not go for the traditional ceramic tiles? There are a lot of designs and colors to choose from so you won’t have a hard time beautifying your bathroom.

6. Electrical

If you are installing new appliances such as a heating system for your shower or a new set of lights, you must hire a licensed electrician to take care of these electrical tasks. While you can save money by doing these things on your own, you also have to remember that safety should be your top priority. Licensed electricians are trained and certified to perform these tasks and they also have knowledge of local building codes and regulations.

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Posted on: January 20, 2016