Bathroom Plumbing Problems You Should Watch Out For

bathroom-plumbingEven with proper care and maintenance, you can never escape from bathroom plumbing issues. Over time, your toilet will clog. Your shower will leak and your sink won’t drain at all. These kinds of plumbing problems aren’t something you should worry about. With the help of your trusted plumber, you should be able to get through these issues without any hassle. But if you are ever into DIY plumbing and want to learn valuable tips, check out our blog for today because we’ll share with you a list of the most common bathroom plumbing problems you should watch out for!

1. Clogged Toilets


Toilets get clogged once in a while and there are many reasons why they do. The blockages may be caused by a bad sewer line, tree roots in the sewer, the obstruction of foreign objects inside the drain pipe or even the accumulation of grease in the system. To solve this issue, simply use a toilet plunger. If the toilet’s flush is too weak, inspect its jetholes and remove the sediments if they’re also clogged.

2. Leaking Toilets


Toilets will leak depending on several reasons. In order for the leak to be fixed, the source of the water should be traced. Locate if it’s at the base of the toilet. Find out if it’s between the tank and bowl. When you have identified the source of the seepage, perform the necessary repair on how to fix a leaking toilet.

3. Clogged Sink Drain


Clogged sinks are among the most common plumbing issues that you’ll experience in the bathroom. The drain is exposed to different kinds of substances that once accumulate inside the pipes, result to blockages. These substances include shampoo scum, soap scum, hair strands and even objects such as jewelry. To get rid of the sticky substances inside the drain pipe and unclog the sink, you may use the baking soda and vinegar solution, a wire coat hanger or tools like Zip-It. If the clog is more difficult to remove, use a plumbing snake.

4. Clogged Shower Heads


If you live an area where there is hard water, you’ll notice that your shower and faucets eventually let out a small amount of water. Regardless how high you turn the shower knob, you’ll discover that only a trickle comes out of the fixtures. This may be caused by a mineral buildup inside the shower or faucet’s aerator. To get rid of these sediments, simply brush the aerator with an old toothbrush or soak them in a water and vinegar solution.

5. Clogged Traps


Traps are part of your plumbing system and they are also vulnerable to clogs. To get rid of the blockage, use a reliable plumbing snake. Dismantle the drainpipe assembly with your wrench. Insert the end of the snake into the drain until it reaches the trap. Turn the crank clockwise to keep on breaking through the clog. Wash the sediments away with a bucket of water and then reassemble the drainpipe. Turn the faucet on and check for leaks. Also check if the problem has been resolved.

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Posted on: July 22, 2015