A List Of Bathroom Plumbing Problems You Must Watch Out For

bathroom plumbing problemsNo matter how hard you try, you just can’t escape from bathroom plumbing problems. There will come a point when your toilet gets clogged; your shower starts to leak or your bathroom sink stops draining. Our advice? Do not panic. Most of these problems are easy to fix, most especially when you hire a licensed and insured plumber. Here’s our list of the most common issues you’ll have to watch out for.

1. Leaking Toilet


There are several reasons why a toilet would leak. To make sure that you’ll repair it properly, you must first identify the source of the seepage. Is the water coming from the tank? Is it coming between the bowl and the tank? After you have located the source of the leak, read this article about how to fix a leaking toilet to solve the problem.

2. Clogged Toilet


Clogging is another common plumbing problem that happens on toilets. While stubborn clogs should be handled by professionals, there are actually unclogging methods that you can try on your own. For example, use the plunger. It’s not a plumbing symbol for nothing. If the plunger doesn’t do the trick, you should go for the plumbing snake. All you have to do is insert it into the toilet in order to break through the clog. And if you ever discover that your ceramic throne has a weak flush, make sure to clear its jetholes.

3. Clogged Sink


Sinks are not immune to clogging as well. Soap scum, shampoo scum, hair strands and even small objects like jewelry can get into drain and block the flow of water. To fix minor clogs, you can use the ever reliable baking soda and vinegar. You may also try to use a plumbing snake since it’s quite effective. For objects that get trapped inside the pipe, you can hook them out with a wire coat hanger or you can simply detach the pipe and get the object out of there.

4. Clogged Drain Traps


Most clogs occur in drain traps. If you ever face this kind of plumbing emergency, use a plumbing snake. The snake will break through the clog into smaller particles. Wash them away with a bucket of water afterward. Now if the blockage is too stubborn, detach the trap and remove the clog from there. Just remember, the trap should be re-installed properly and should still be leak-free.

5. Low-Flow Or Clogged Shower Heads


If you ever discover that your shower head provides little water, it may actually be clogged. This is a common case for homes that are in an area with hard water. You see, mineral deposits are found in hard water and these minerals accumulate on fixtures causing them to clog. To get through this predicament, just soak the shower head in a solution of water and vinegar. If this doesn’t work, check your water supply valve and guarantee that it’s set properly.

We hope you enjoyed our blog about the most common bathroom plumbing problems you should watch out for. If you ever encounter such problems, just call the most reliable Golf plumber to fix your bathroom plumbing. Plumbers 911 Florida provides local plumbing services in Golf FL including bathroom remodeling, drain pipe cleaning, leak detection, plumbing fixture installation, plumbing installation and many more! Call us at Miami (305) 662-0668, Fort Lauderdale (954) 468-0512, West Palm Beach (561) 327-6287 to schedule a service now!

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Posted on: May 26, 2015