The Complete Guide On Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures

bathroom-plumbing-fixturesLet’s go back to plumbing basics! We know that you’ve been reading a lot of our posts to learn more about plumbing so we’d like to take this opportunity to provide you a complete guide on bathroom plumbing fixtures.

1. Bathtub


A bathtub is a large container that holds water to allow a person to bathe in it. This is usually made of fiberglass, acrylic, steel, enamel or cast iron. It can be installed on its own or connected to a shower. It may also be free-standing or can be sunken. Nowadays, you can find bathtubs in various shapes, sizes and color.

2. Bidet


Bidets are essential bathroom plumbing fixtures that are used to wash the private parts of people. These are economical add-ons that are installed together with toilets.

3. Toilet


Also known as the water closet, the toilet is also another vital plumbing fixture for the bathroom. It is connected to a large drain pipe that carries human waste from the fixture to the septic tank or the sewer system. It is comprised of a tank where water is stored that will be used for flushing later.

4. Urinal


Urinals are sanitary plumbing fixtures that are intended for urination only. These are available for single users or multiple users, too. Urinals are most commonly installed in public comfort rooms.

5.  Shower


A shower is where people bathe under a continuous flow or spray of water which can be either cold or hot. Showers usually have spray pressure, temperature and nozzle settings to give users a more comfortable bathing experience. In comparison to bathtubs, showers are more economical and consume less water.

6. Sink


A sink is a plumbing fixture that has a bowl-like shape. It is used for washing your hands or brushing your teeth. These have faucets that provide cold and hot water and sometimes come with a sprayer, too. Bathroom sinks mostly have stoppers that prevent hair, soap and other substances from getting into the drain.

7. Drains


All these plumbing fixtures won’t be used without accompanying drains. These are responsible for transporting the waste water and other waste substances from the fixtures to your septic tank or the public sewer where your home is hooked to.

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Posted on: August 13, 2015