Bathroom Cabinets Ideas For A More Pleasing Bathroom

View of the bathroom cabinets and toiletEvery homeowner aspires to have his or her bathroom renovated especially when the property is already old. Who would ever say no to a new set of sparkling tiles and a glossy tub? If you’re aspiring for a complete bathroom overhaul, you’ll have to prepare a significant amount of money. Add more to your budget if you have plans of changing your plumbing or moving fixtures around. But if you’re looking for an affordable way to give your room’s appeal a quick boost, you can try upgrading your bathroom vanity. Yes, it will do a lot of wonders for your toilet and bath. If you’d like to know what we mean, read on and learn design ideas and tips.

1. Putting a bathroom vanity in a corner will not only give the room a unique look but also provide ease of access. It will no longer disrupt the smooth flow of movement whenever people have to take a shower then use the toilet or vice versa.

2. Giving your bathroom cabinet a “floating effect” will make the room look bigger. To achieve this, the cabinet should be mounted on the wall, with 6 inches of space between it and the floor.

3. Sometimes, square or rectangular cabinets are passé. To give your toilet and bath’s appearance a twist, try replacing your old vanity with one that has rounded edges.

4. Instead of simply using a mirror that stretches to the edges of your small bathroom cabinet, why not make it larger? You can have it expanded across the wall so that people won’t have to stand in line when using it. Doing so will also give the room a “larger” feel.

5. Tiling the bathroom vanity wall will add texture to that area. Just remember to choose a color that suits the room’s theme.

6. If you want your cabinetry to give out a more relaxed yet traditional appearance, try painting them white. Guarantee that you’ll be using appropriately styled decors to match.

7. When upgrading your cabinet, never ever forget about storage space. If you’re fond of keeping towels, toiletries and different accessories such as oils and candles in the room, make sure that they have appropriate storage places.

8. Remember what your art teacher taught you in grade school. White and light colors expand the look of anything, in this case, a bathroom. However, too much white may actually give it a cold feel. With that said, if your room is painted white, choose dark wood vanities to add warmth.

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Posted on: June 10, 2015