How To Use A Bath Repair Kit For A Fiberglass Tub

bath repair kitAn ugly bathtub is the least of our problems but let’s face it. It’s not fun to soak ourselves in a tub that’s full of cracks and stains. It won’t be even relaxing at all. In the case of a fiberglass tub, we all know that it’s made from a really durable material. Obviously, fiberglass is way better than ceramic. However, it is not exempted from the usual appearance of hairline cracks or the occurrence of chipped off areas. Luckily, it’s not impossible to make your tub look as if it is new again. Here’s a quick guide on using a bath repair kit.

1. Get a clean rag or a sponge and clean the tub’s affected areas with a cleaning agent. Once done, rinse them with water and wipe with a dry cloth.

2. Make sure that the areas you’ll work on are all dry before doing anything on them and remember to work on one area at a time only. If they’re no longer showing any signs of wetness, get a sandpaper and sand the area surrounding the cracks. Clean by brushing the dust or particles away.

3. Using the fiberglass adhesive and a small brush that came with your bath repair kit, paint the crack/s. You may also use the bonding agent if that’s what came with your kit. Also remember to give attention to the inside of the crack up to about an inch of space surrounding it. Let the bonding agent dry as the manual states.

4. When the bonding agent has dried up, apply fiberglass filler into the cracks using a putty knife. Fill the cracks completely up to the brim and scrape the excess off. Let the filler dry before proceeding to the next step.

5. To smooth the surface, you’ll have to sand it again. This time, use fine sandpaper. Keep on sanding the area until it completely blends with the rest of the tub.  Use a sponge or rag to get rid of dust.

6. Now check the kit and get the epoxy coating. Using a paint brush, apply it on the area that you worked on. You should apply it as far as two inches around the crack.

7. Once done, get a fiberglass cloth and cut a size that will fit into the painted area. Press it hard onto the wet epoxy coating and run your putty knife across it. That should get rid of any air bubbles trapped in the cloth and also level the surface.

8. Use the epoxy coating again and paint the fiberglass cloth. Once done, apply the finish coat or the sealer that also came with your kit. Again, use a small paint brush to accomplish this task. Let the areas dry and you’re done!

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Posted on: October 2, 2014