Clearing A Basement Drain Clogged With Dirt And Scum

Jbasement drain cloggedust in case you don’t know it yet, your basement floor drain is known as the final stop or destination of all pipes in your home. With that said, it is not unusual for the drain to get clogged especially when you have some nasty objects trapped in the pipes. If you have the skills and DIY plumbing experience, there’s no need to worry though because it is easy to clear the blockage! Here’s a short yet definitive guide to help you out!

1. Wear your protective gloves and get your plumbing tools ready. If you have standing water on your basement floor, then use a bucket to remove it.

2. Look for your clean-out because it’s the easiest way to get rid of the clog. Remove its lid or plug using your handy dandy wrench. Now prepare your plumbing snake.

3. Insert a few feet of your snake into the clean-out. Pour some water into the drain in order to add some pressure as you utilize your snake. This will also wash away some of the sediments, dirt and scum that the snake has broken into tiny pieces. If you feel some kind of resistance, just keep on pushing the snake in.

4. Turn the snake’s crank in a clockwise manner to push the auger further. Pull and push the snake a little bit to continue breaking through the objects that are trapped inside the pipes. Depending on whatever clogged your system, you’ll have to continuously repeat this process until the path is clear.

5. When you feel like you can no longer push the snake in because the clog is nasty and difficult, pull the tool out slowly to see if you can just hook the substances out. Get ready with your bucket because that’s where you’ll dispose the waste materials.

6. If you have successfully hooked the clog out, then great! You can start cleaning up! Otherwise, you’ll have to repeat the snaking process all over again. Once done, simply pour hot water in the drain to clean the pipes. The hot water will wash away and clear out any remaining sediments or waste materials that still cling on the walls of the pipes.

We hope that you learned how easy it is to clear a  basement drain clogged with dirt and scum. Should your DIY skills fail you, just look for the most reliable Broward FL plumbers, the most reputed Washington DC Metropolitan Area plumbing company or the most trustworthy Stanislaus CA plumbing company.

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Posted on: June 10, 2015