A Quick Guide on Backflow Testing in Cleveland, Texas

backflow testing in Cleveland TXBackflow, backflow prevention device, backflow testing… these are terms that only a few people are familiar of.  Little do they know that all of these  are important when it comes to plumbing and sanitation. 

Backflow prevention has a big role to play in providing our homes with potable water safe for drinking. Without backflow prevention devices, our water supply is at risk of contamination of bacteria from wastewater or chemicals applied to the soil. Reading the rest of the article will inform you of backflow prevention and backflow testing in Cleveland.

Backflow and Its Causes

The plumbing term backflow is actually easy to explain and understand. It just simply means that water is “flowing back” or going into reverse. In this case, backflow refers to wastewater that should be flowing into the sewer line and not into the main potable water supply line. 

Wastewater back flows when there is a sudden decrease in water supply. This usually happens when a fire hydrant is opened by firefighters during a fire or when the main water pipe bursts. Thus, wastewater is sucked back into the water system and contaminates potable water. 

Backflow Prevention Devices

Backflows is a major concern because contaminated water can cause serious illnesses. Thus, the government requires large establishments and homes with pools and lawns to install a backflow prevention device. This valve-like device is hooked up to the water line to prevent wastewater from mixing with clean drinking water. 

There are two types of backflow prevention devices:

  • Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ)  – The most commonly used backflow preventer that prevents wastewater from flowing in reverse.
  • Double Check (DC) – This is basically used on fire sprinklers and have a higher rate of flow.

Importance of Backflow Testing in Cleveland

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) not only requires backflow testing but also requires all devices to be tested annually by licensed Cleveland plumbing professionals. Also, backflow prevention devices that are newly installed or repaired are automatically tested. Backflow testing records are then filed at the city service office.

Backflow testing is not a costly plumbing service. It doesn’t take long as well.  Therefore, there is no reason at all to delay backflow testing in Cleveland. Avoid delaying at all costs, unless you want to face fines and legal actions from the local health department. This is especially important for establishments that deal with a large number of customers daily such as restaurants, hotels, and apartment buildings.

Hire Only Professional Cleveland Plumbers to Perform Backflow Testing

Plumbers 911 can connect you with the best and most reliable Cleveland plumbers in Texas. Only licensed Cleveland plumbers are knowledgeable when it comes to the State’s standards in backflow prevention and testing. You can call (409) 237-3137 anytime to schedule an appointment.


Posted on: July 26, 2017