A 101 On Backflow Prevention in Cleveland, Texas

backflow testing Cleveland TXBackflow prevention is something that is usually not prioritized by homeowners, which should not be the case. A backflow preventer device should actually be installed in every plumbing system. It is important to prevent backflow unless you would want waste water flowing back to contaminate your fresh water supply.

When you have an undesirable backflow occurring in your home, the situation would most likely require Cleveland Texas professional plumbing services that will provide backflow prevention for you.

Backflow 101

Backflow basically means wastewater flowing back or in a reverse direction towards a plumbing system’s clean water supply. It is caused by these two things: 

  1. Back Siphonage – Back siphonage happens when there is a sudden decrease  in water pressure in the clean water plumbing line. This is caused by a high pressure that pulls water out of the pipes. An example of this is when firemen tap into a fire hydrant to stop a fire. 
  2. Back Pressure – Back pressure happens when there is higher pressure in the wastewater line than in the clean water line. 

Backflow Preventer

 There are two kinds of plumbing lines in your home’s plumbing system: one that is for the clean water supply and one for the drain line.  Each plumbing line’s role is actually easy to comprehend – clean water line for clean water supply and drain line for the wastewater. These two different plumbing lines will meet at some point and it is inevitable that both clean water and wastewater will mix especially when water pressure is low. This is where the backflow preventer device comes in.

Hire Only Licensed Cleveland Plumbers To Do Backflow Prevention

Backflow preventers are installed only by licensed plumbers. There should be no room for error on this task considering the health risks. Only certified local plumbers would know if the device actually works.

Plumbers 911 Texas provides local plumbing services which include backflow prevention among many others. Plumbers 911 only connects its customers with certified and insured local plumbers. Thus, you are guaranteed to have a solution to your plumbing problem in no time.  To schedule a service, call (409) 237-3137.


Posted on: June 26, 2017