Proper Maintenance of Air Conditioning Units in Miami FL

air conditioning maintenance MiamiIn order to maintain efficiency and high performance of your air conditioning unit, it is necessary that you have to maintain it well. Proper maintenance saves you from costly repairs. Bear in mind that your respiratory healthy depends hugely on the air the circulates inside your room, emanating from your air conditioner. If the filters and vents are filled with dust due to lack of proper maintenance, you will be exposed to filthy air.

Air Conditioning Units Maintenance

Proper maintenance of air conditioning units involves the following:

  • Condenser unit cleaning – The process involves the removal of debris and dust from the inside and outside of the air conditioning unit. You can also clean the fins and straightened if they are bent. The fan motor has to be lubricated to allow it to smoothly run without the unnecessary noise.
  • Evaporator drain check – Only authorized and licensed technicians can perform this. It basically involves checking for any type of water leakage underneath the evaporator coils as this indicates that the drain pipes is clogged. This has to be cleaned to function normally.
  • Air filter change – The owner can do this process himself. If the unit is heavily used, it is recommended to change filters once every month. These are typically found on the evaporator or on the condenser. Replace it by taking off the grills or the housing. If you need the size and part number, obtain it from the old filter.
  • Air duct cleaning and inspection – A small leak on your unit’s air duct can cost you as much as 25% on your unit’s electricity consumption. Another reason why the air duct cleaning and inspection is necessary is that contaminants like dust and pollen could possibly enter the unit, breeding health hazardous mold. We know that mold exposure can carry potential hazards such as allergies, asthma and many other respiratory problems. Air duct clearing and sealing possible leakages are therefore important to maintain its efficiency and a healthy environment as well.
  • Coolant checking – Checking the state of your coolant is a basic maintenance step in air conditioning units. This involves checking the line that connects the evaporator unit inside the house and the condenser outside. In case there are damages, the lines need to be replaced. Also, the Freon content inside your coolant has to be in the right quantity as lack of this reduces the cooling capacity of the air conditioner.

Just like any plumbing appliance, the air conditioner has to be properly maintained to ensure efficiency and cleanliness of the air circulating inside your room or household. Lack of it gives way to a number of health-related hazards and gives way to contaminants, you will be wasting a lot of precious energy as well.

Before you get the tools and start cleaning your air conditioning unit yourself, ask yourself first if you are capable of doing the cleaning. Otherwise it is still best to get the services of a trusted Fort Lauderdale plumber to do the cleaning or repair.

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Posted on: October 14, 2016