Over 100,000 Hours of Training

Our techs are all accredited and licensed professionals with years of experience. Each has completed extensive coursework, including continuing training on the latest techniques and equipment.


Background Checked & Drug Tested

We require our technicians to submit to a rigorous background check before they can participate in our network. They also agree to undergo routine drug testing.


Continuous Education for All Technicians

We have qualified and prepared licensed experts who undergo continuous training to perform a wide range of plumbing services, from emergency repair to new construction.


Licensed & Insured Plumbing Experts

We have 24/7 professionals that are licensed and insured to guarantee that the job gets done correctly.







If someone were to call Plumbers 911, what kind of service can they expect?

They can expect the best service of any plumbing contractor in the cites that we service. We stand behind our work and guarantee it.


With respect to pricing, how competitively priced are you in the different cities?

We’re very competitive. We’ve done pricing comparisons and research and our contractors are below the median for the areas covered. In many cases, we are on the low end!


Anything else that makes Plumbers 911 different from other companies in the US?

Our service technicians are highly trained, skilled plumbers that are honest and reliable. We always make sure that our customers are our number one priority.


What makes Plumbers 911 different from all other plumbers in the US?

Plumbers 911 is a referral service for highly skilled, qualified contractors. Our carefully selected partners have plumbing technicians that who have over 10,000 hours of training. These techs are all drug tested and background checked. The majority of the companies we work with have been in business for over 10 years.


Typically how long before a plumber arrives at someone’s home or business?

It varies on the call, how urgent it is and the availability of the technician at the time. It really depends on the customer, if they demand and need somebody right away. Usually our plumbers arrive within the hour. If it is something at night that can be put off without the extra overtime, it can be scheduled for the next day. We can make it work according to our customer’s needs.  


How To Buy High-End Faucets

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high end faucetsIt’s okay to splurge on home improvement as long as you have the budget. After all, as homeowners, we all want our properties to always look their best. Now if you are doing a bathroom or kitchen remodeling soon and plan on changing your fixtures to something more high-end, you might want to read on and take these tips on how to choose a faucet.

1. When buying faucets, you have to be aware of the best and the most reputed brands. If you have no idea what they are or not sure if their reputation is indeed true, you can get ideas from your trusted plumber or loved ones and friends who know more than you do. This way, you’ll know what brands to research on the internet. Check for customer feedback. Get ideas about the items’ durability, functionality and what-nots. In other words, do your homework.

2. Consider the installation of the fixture. Who’s going to set it up? Are you going to do it yourself or have an expert install it for you? If you are a DIY plumber and want to mount it up on your own, you have to guarantee that you are familiar with the type or model that you’ll buy. There’s just no sense in spending money for something so expensive then damaging it in the end.

3. Another aspect you have to give attention to is the installation area. Will you put the tap on your kitchen sink, bathroom sink or tub? You have to get the exact measurements of the mounting areas for your faucets. How many holes do you have on your kitchen sink? How many faucets can you actually install? Do you only have to buy a single-handle unit or a double-handle one? Remember all the installation details before making a purchase to prevent going back to the store or shipping the item back to the e-commerce shop.

4. Always check on the functionality of the spout you’re eyeing. Does aesthetic appeal matter more than efficiency? Would you go for a type that requires more repairs in the long run just because it looks prettier than the other type? Do you need something that doesn’t start leaking in a few months’ use or do you value the design of the fixture more? Weigh things down. Compare and contrast items to get the most out of your money.

5. Speaking of design, we all know that we have incorporated themes in our homes. Is it in Victorian style? Minimalist? Rustic? Barn or country? Will a stainless steel finish look good in the room? How about brass? Choose a faucet style that suits the theme you have to avoid making the fixture stand out in an awkward way.

We hope that you loved our tips on how to buy high end faucets. Should you need experts to do your plumbing, just look for themost professional US plumbing company. Plumbers 911 delivers exceptional yet affordable local plumbing services in the US! Call us to schedule an appointment or simply visit our websites: www.WashingtonDC.Plumbers911.com, www.Florida.Plumbers911.comand www.California.Plumbers911.com! We’ll look forward to serving you!

Want to learn why Plumbers 911 offers the best emergency plumbing services? Watch our video to find out.

Tips For A Budget Bathroom Remodel

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budget bathroom remodelA successful bathroom remodel doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be expensive. Choosing the right fixtures; focusing on the areas that need the improvement and working with the right contractor will help you save money on your project. If you are a DIY enthusiast, then you’ll save even more. However, you should remember that you’ll invest more of your time and energy when you choose to do the remodeling on your own. Anyway, here are a few tips to help you create a well-thought and well-planned budget for your renovation.

1. There’s no need to change all the fixtures. If your tub or porcelain sink are still smooth but yellowing, try to clean them first. Don’t go rushing to the nearest home depot to get a new tub or a sink without ensuring that yours are still good for use. Now never clean your fixtures with abrasive cleaners. That’s a big No-No. Simply use a good dish soap and a nylon cleaning pad. Gently wipe the stained areas until they look sparkling new again.

2. To upgrade the look of your bath, you can also just change your faucets and shower heads. That will make the room look more appealing without needing to shell out so much money. You can even cut down on your utility bill by buying a water miser, a plumbing accessory that regulates and reduces the amount of water that comes out of your fixtures.

3. Another aspect you might want to makeover is your bathroom cabinet or vanity. If you have a pretty decent vanity, you can make it look new again by changing its color or upgrading its door style. You may also add new storage so that you can keep the toiletries, towels and what-nots out of sight.

4. Re-grouting is also another way to go. If your tiles still look nice but just a bit dirty or moldy, just have them cleaned and replace the grout. We promise. They will sparkle as if they’re new again!

5. Lighting is an integral aspect of any room renovation. Dim light can make the room a bit more pleasing to the eyes while a bright light can make it look refreshing. Instead of adding expensive hanging lights, you can simply change your current lighting to a new model that has a dimmer switch. This way, you can either dim or brighten it without overspending.

6. Repaint. If you’re tired of seeing the same hues, simply repaint your bathroom. Choose lively colors to add energy to your toilet and bath. Search the internet for design suggestions and you’ll surely find one that will suit your taste.

7. Add simple yet stylish decors. You can change your curtains; hang a new mirror; place accents on your countertop such as a vase of fresh flowers or scented candles; install new towel bars or hang paintings on the wall, too. There are absolutely a lot of things that you can do to beautify your bathroom without spending too much.

We hope that you learned a lot of tips on having a budget bathroom remodel. Should you need professional help with your renovation project, just hire the best US plumbing experts. Plumbers 911 delivers exceptional local plumbing services in the USincluding bathroom remodeling, toilet repair, plumbing fixture installationand many more! Call us at 305-662-0668 (Miami-Dade County FL), 954-468-0512 (Broward County FL), 561-327-6287 (Palm Beach County FL), 800-731-1139 (Central Valley CA) or 877-745-3257 (Washington DC)!

Learn all about our amazing kitchen remodeling services! Watch this video now.

How To Use Drain Rods To Unblock Your Drain

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drain rodsWe have written about the different ways on how you can get rid of drain blockages. You can use the ever so reliable plunger and plumbing snake. You may also take advantage of natural drain unblockers like baking soda and vinegar, enzymatic drain cleaners and even Alka Seltzer. However, we just want to ask. Have you ever tried using drain rods? If your answer is no, then this is a lucky day for you because that’s just what we’ll talk about on our post.

What are drain rods?

Drain rods are plumbing tools that are used to get rid of sewer and drain clogs. These usually come in sets, with each set consisting of rods measuring about a meter long. They used to be made of metal which, obviously, made them stiff and hard to maneuver inside the pipes. Today, they are designed in such a way that they’re not only flexible but also durable and hard to break.

How are they used?

Rods are connected together with the help of screws. These connections are referred to as the “joints” and are in fact considered as the weakest part of drain rods. Experts even refer to them as the Achilles’ heels. Why? Well because they are the ones that break easily when the rods are bent hard or forced to bend. Note that there are types that make use of pins to secure the connections. There are also those which ends have square pegs to create more secured connections.

What are drain rods made from?

These plumbing tools are made from polypropylene, a material used in packaging, labeling and also in manufacturing plastic stuff. Polypropylene is chemical-resilient which makes drain rods suitable for cleaning drains and sewers. Meaning to say, even if your plumbers use chemicals to get rid of blockages in the sewers, the toxic content won’t actually hurt the rods. We should also not forget that there are still rods made from tensile steel. These are the most expensive type. They feature joints made from brass or steel and are cadmium plated which makes them rust-free.

Any tips when using drain rods?

Well, the most important thing you have to remember is that most rods are screwed together by turning them clockwise. With that in mind, you should never turn your rod the other way when you’re clearing your drains. Otherwise, you just might break the connection, leaving rods floating inside your drainpipes. Also remember to make use of appropriate protection, aka rubber gloves, when unblocking drains to prevent health issues.

We hope that our blog today showed you how to use drain rods effectively to get rid of blockages. If DIY plumbing doesn’t work, just hire the most reputed Washington DC Metro plumbing service providers, the most trustworthy Miami plumbers or the most trusted California plumbing experts!

Plumbers 911 delivers exceptional local US plumbing services including faucet repair, plumbing fixture installation, leak detection, backflow prevention and many more! Visit our website or call us at 305-662-0668 (Miami-Dade County FL), 954-468-0512 (Broward County FL), 561-327-6287 (Palm Beach County FL), 800-731-1139 (Central Valley CA) or 877-745-3257 (Washington DC)!

Do you need professional plumbing service in Florida? Watch our video and learn why Plumbers 911 provides the best solutions for your needs!




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